aha OTT Suspense: Dive into the Most Riveting Crime Movies of All Time 

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My friend, crime thrillers have a way of grabbing your attention and enticing you to keep watching. They provide a great deal of entertainment. These films are about more than just discovering who did the crime.

Have you ever experienced the feeling that you can’t seem to take your eyes off a screen? They explore the theme of unexpected turns and the game of cat and mouse. It’s satisfying to watch the good guys—or sometimes the not-so-good guys—untangle a complex web of criminal activity. 

Prepare to become fixated on every detail as you fasten your seatbelt. The world of crime thriller movies Telugu is going to get dark and tasty for us. Herein lies the true essence of suspense, and popcorn is an absolute necessity.

1. Bloody Mary

This is a Telugu crime drama film from 2022. Chandoo Mondeti directed the movie. Prasanth Kumar Dimmala wrote the script. The cast includes Nivetha Pethuraj, Brahmaji, Ajay, and Kireeti Damaraju.

For Mary, Raju, and Basha, best friends, life is about to get really golden. Their aspirations are enticingly near. However, fate deals a fatal blow. They come across evidence of a vicious murder, putting them in the sights of vicious lawbreakers. Mary is currently fighting for her life in a desperate manner. Can she hold on to the hope of realizing her friends’ dreams while shielding them from the shadows and negotiating the difficult path to safety?

2. Kerosene

A string of horrific crimes rocks the peaceful town of Janagudem. Adolescent females are subjected to violent assaults, followed by kerosene dousing and burning. Here comes ACP Vaibhav, a determined detective entrusted with stopping a sadistic murderer. A frightening pattern shows itself as Vaibhav looks into it more. There is an unsettling resemblance in the murders. The pursuit of the criminal picks up steam when Vaibhav discovers a trail of concealed darkness. So the question is, can he stop the killer before flames claim another innocent life?

3. Oorellipotha Mama 

All of a sudden, the nation is under lockdown, and everything stops. Four friends who are looking for comfort in a remote farmhouse end up feeling alone and restless. However, boredom quickly turns into fear when an unforeseen turn puts them in grave danger. The friends need to rely on one another to survive the unanticipated dangers that lurk within the farmhouse walls as tensions rise and secrets simmer beneath the surface. Will their relationship withstand their cramped seclusion and the shocking realization that endangers their world?

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