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Growlr Review 2022 – Perfect or Scam?

Growlr Review 2022 – Perfect or Scam?
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Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 72%
Popular Age 23-43
Profiles 590 000
Reply Rate 82%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Numerous free app features
  • Gay bear community is supporting
  • The interface is user-friendly and intuitive
  • Email verification
  • Devoted to a special group of people
  • The app for iOS and Android
  • Sending messages is free
  • The app is locetion-based
  • Advanced search tool
  • Straight people are not welcomed
  • Not enough information in profiles
  • Too many ads offered to free accounts
  • Weird anti-scam policy
  • No desktop version

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The Growlr platform is a dating app and social networking that helps the gay community in creating relationships and friendships. As it is obvious from its features, the platform opens doors to sociability and hookups. The Growlr service works with a certain group of the gay community known as “bears,” which are rugged, huge, masculine, and hairy gay men. Customers come to meet these bears and ordinary visitors who are inquisitive about Growlr. Find out everything you need to know in our Growlr review.

Expert’s Review of Growlr

The founder of the platform is Coley Cummiskey. He launched this dating app in 2016. His husband, Frank Rollings, is a co-manager of Growlr, too. The service was called to be the application for bears made by bears. The trim team tended to make the app work speech-enabled, and it has developed to become one of the most popular homosexual dating apps nowadays.

The Meet Group (TMG) purchased the platform for 12 million dollars in 2019. TMG is directed by CEO Geoff Cook and his siblings Dave and Catherine Cook, with its offices in New Hope, Pennsylvania. The high and low possessed company specializes in dating apps. The Growlr platform is the first gay dating app the company purchased and decided to add the live-streaming option. This feature can do complete broadcasts (looks like Facebook live) or private conversation video calls.

By now, the Growlr service has more than 10 million customers enlisted, with over 200,000 of them entering the app daily. This fact makes the app one of the most widespread dating services for gays in the USA.

Website Design & Usability

Website Design & Usability

Contacting numerous bears on the Growlr dating apps is easy. The app customers can look for bears among the online members. The app shows a list of presently active people on the Growlr platform. Customers can also use the option to see members near via the “nearby” section. This element can provide you with a list of bears within your present location and pretty close to you. A “global” section is also functional and helps customers check out the rest of the bears from distinct locations. You can also use a variety of filters like age, weight, and height to get better search results.

Customers can even have an eye on the members that they are interested in by noting them as their favorite members. The “Favorites” section shows sorted by distance list of bears you liked on the app. You can note a maximum of 75 bears as your favorite members.

Special Features

There are many special Growlr features that this unique platform offers to gay people:


The Growlr dating app has a popular Check-ins option. This feature lets customers observe a list of locations near your recent place. When customers tap on a location, they can check a list of Growlr bears who are now in that amenity. The Growlr app will show your presence in a venue only if you Check-in and share your present location with the others.


The Growlr service also has a Bars section where the app shows a number of clubs where Growlr bears usually have fun. When customers enter the record, the bar that is near their present location will be seen at the top of the list.


The Growlr platform has the “Meets” special feature where app customers see a number of all the meeting propositions sent to them by other bear members. Here customers can also see the personal outer requests sent to other online members.


Business owners can even post the necessary ad via Growlr’s SHOUT feature. Pay attention, however, that this feature is for a premium subscription and requires customers to pay a fee.


One more special feature of the Growlr dating service is its Notes section. It is a blank space where you can scribble your notes about anything you want, but most often about potential partners not to get lost among all the fish in the sea.

Customers can keep their admirers and fans on the Growlr platform updated on what is going on in their life by noting it on their blog. The Growlr platform offers you some space to write in the application. You have to consider, yet, that the blogs in Growlr are only available for 7 days. After that, a blog post gets automatically deleted.

How does Growlr work?

How does Growlr work?

When you enter the Growlr service, you come there to meet numerous gay bears who look for dates and new friends. It is advisable to use Growlr’s special options in search of possible love matches. The app provides the modern technology to work as a dating community and an active social network.

There is no need to do matching and swiping with the Growlr mobile app. When you notice some people you like most, just talk with them personally and ask if they are interested in your personality. Compared to what the rest of the dating apps offer today, this process is very simple, but this thing is the best about bears and the one that they are friendly. Most Growlr reviews confirm the fact that Growlr bears are adorable and friendly. Customers can still have a new friend, even if they will not get the chemistry answer back.

The age rules are the same for all dating sites nowadays. Customers have to be at least 18 years old to sign up and make a Growlr account active. Besides, you have to consider the fact that most Growlr bears are from 30 to 50. So, if these people are beyond your desirable age group, you have to consider some other dating places to use.

Sign Up Process

It is free to register a new account on the Growlr dating service. To sign up and have an account, you must provide the necessary information. The Growlr platform does not ask you to log in through Facebook or Instagram. It is a positive point if you prefer to be anonymous with your social media.

Sign Up Process

Making an account on Growlr takes only about one to two minutes. The important data the app demands during registration is name, password, and e-mail address. You can fill out the rest of your profile later after your registration. That is why there are not many completed profiles on the app.

Users Profiles Quality

When the customer makes an account, the next step is to provide a public picture that the dating app will demonstrate. The app offers five sections where customers can upload photos and videos. You can make them private. Otherwise, you can unlock them for other bears to see. Customers can value the photo galleries of other bears, and it is also possible to see which bears viewed the profile.

Since all you need is basic data to make an account, some bears may not complete the rest of the personal information on their profile. It leads to the situation that some profiles are unfinished, and customers do not get sufficient facts when visiting these profiles.

A new member must provide the name, weight, height, location, work, status, birthday, and race to complete the registration. The application also offers the Looking For section, where bears can specify their dating preferences. The About section is where you can introduce yourself and your dreams to the public.

Users Profiles Quality

A Growlr offers the connection of your profile with your current mobile gadget. If you purchase a new mobile, there is no need to migrate your profile to your new gadget for iPhone users. If you still need help with relocating your account, you can contact the support team via [email protected] for assistance. If you did not know that you should not restore your old profile and you have already made a new one, you can delete one of them. For this purpose, customers should also contact the same e-mail address earlier to get help when they have to delete one of the duplicate accounts.

Mobile Application

Apple and Android users can download the Growlr app for free, and it is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

The design of the dating application is user-friendly and straightforward. Some customers consider it outdated, but this fact really does not matter to the users as the Growlr app is easy to use, and all the functions are intuitive. Bears can easily figure out how to use the app no matter what type of mobile gadget they have.

The language option in the app includes English, Spanish, French, and German. The Growlr platform is more widely used in English-speaking countries. However, customers can still find bears via the Growlr platform in Asian and European countries, too.

Growlr Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

There are some homosexual dating apps and social networks that customers can consider as alternatives to the Growlr gay dating app:

  • GaysTryst: It is a platform for gay singles to look for love. It is advisable for bisexuals and single gays who desire to arrange hookups and casual dates.
  • Scuff: It is a new dating platform offering a dating experience to transgender people, gays, bisexuals, and queer guys.
  • BuddyGays: BuddyGays has many options to offer to everyone, no matter whether a member of the homosexual community is hoping for serious love or is just interested in casual meetings. The app proposes reliable and advanced security systems.
  • Gays Go Dating: It is an online dating app that provides a secure dating experience

to single men who belong themselves to the gay community. The app goes with a free membership that customers can use on a trial basis for three days.

If these services suit gay men better than Growlr, then it is advisable to pick any of them for a successful dating experience.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Besides the free basic application version, customers can use premium paid features. They can choose between various paid plans, switch to a premium version of this app, and add several features to boost their gay dating experience. These plans can be mostly divided into three distinct types:

Growlr Pro: This plan can be bought for four different durations:

  • 1 Month: The subscription for one month is 9.99 USD/Month
  • 3 Months: The subscription is 23.99 USD, which is 8.00 USD/Month
  • 6 Months: The subscription is 44.99 USD, which is 7.50 USD/Month
  • 12 Months: The subscription is 71.99 USD overall, which is 6.00 USD/Month

FLASH!: This premium plan goes with a special feature that helps the subscribed users’ profiles be regarded quickly. It can be subscribed for a short period of only one month. This needs the payment of 4.99 USD/Month.

SHOUT!: This premium plan helps bears to send messages to numerous active members. This plan is available for one month only for 4.99 USD/Month.

Customers can pay via mobile if they want to buy a paid premium subscription in Apple and Google Play stores.

Free Membership Features

The Growlr dating service offers a lot of features for free users. Among them are:

  1. Creating a profile is free. Making a profile to evolve an active bear and visual user to other members can be accomplished absolutely free of cost.
  2. Chatting is free. Contacting other bears through chats is also available for free.
  3. The search feature is free. The search option functions superbly for all the free bears to look for other active members.
  4. Viewing the profiles is free. Browsing all the active profiles on it is one more option that free users can obtain

Premium Membership Features

The paid subscription offers some special features to provide an even more stunning dating experience. We have to mention:

  • Private photos access is a paid feature. The private pics of other bears that may interest some members can only be opened by joining the paid subscription.
  • Video chatting is a paid option. If customers are interested in looking at someone using video before meeting them personally, video chat is an option to choose. Bears have to choose the best plan for the budget to enable the video chat adventure.
  • Removing ads is a paid subscription. What is very irritating about this dating app is that if you are utilizing it for free, the ads pop up while skimming through it. To hide all these unpleasant ads, a paid version of the app is the only decision. The usage will become ad-free when you get any of the three offered plans.
  • The saved searches option belongs to a paid subscription. The paid app version lets the users save the searches to return to these people later.

Is Growlr Really Safe?

Is Growlr Really Safe?

If customers start using this app by applying all the security measures, then the Growlr dating service is really safe to use. The application has no powerful security system that should check every new profile. That is why bears can meet several fake accounts while browsing the app. Anyway, the platform is still worth trying as it provides many free options, and there is a great possibility that your future partner may also be searching for you there. The application always recommends reading and following all the safety guides before believing any person on social media pages, especially when talking about dating pages.

So, if you take precautions and obey all the guidelines, then you will have a great time and enjoy the dating experience on the Growlr service.



On the whole, our revision team can say that it is desirable to try this dating service. The app offers a lot of friendly gay bears on the app who want to arrange dates to have some fun. As it is an online gay dating service, most members of the app belong to the LGBT community. The audience is a mixture of men of numerous ethnicities from all over the world. The app has populated 10 million bisexual and gay members on this platform. That is why, there is a large range of options that the bear member may use to find his ideal match. The Growlr app has numerous features that customers can use for free. There are also a lot of options for picking the paid plans. The user can choose any of them to use all the features, whichever suits him the best.

How to delete Growlr account?

If bear users consider that the Growlr dating app is not suitable for them, then there are some simple steps that could permanently delete the account very fast:

  • The member should go to the app’s main page.
  • Finding and clicking the “Profile” button is the next step.
  • Scroll down to reach the bottom of the profile page.
  • Here bears can find an option called “Delete My Account.” Click on this option.

If you want to delete your profile permanently, all these steps are required by the Growlr app. When you delete the account from there, there will not be any possibility to recover it later.

How to message someone on Growlr?

The app members can communicate with any person on this dating social media. It is a free possibility.

Speaking about the message option, the app shows two subsections, “read” and “unread”, to be exact. As the name hints, the “unread” part contains all the messages that the bear user has not read yet. The “read” part of the section contains all the text messages that have been gotten and read by the members. By this means, customers can message any active member of this dating app.

How to see who likes you on Growlr without paying?

There is a unique option known as “Viewers” on this dating app. This special feature lets the members view those users that have visited your profile. This feature helps indicate those members who may like you or are interested in your personality. Customers can even start sending messages to them if they also appreciate their profiles. This feature is free.

How to block someone on Growlr?

There is a possibility to block any bothering or suspicious profile on this dating app. To stop the following communications, customers have to go to the user’s profile and click on the “Block” button. There is even a function to report the profile to the app assistant. The app security team will take future actions to assist the legitimate members.

How to cancel Growlr subscription?

Customers can manually cancel the subscription on the app. They have to visit the App store where they make the payments and unsubscribe from this section. This process stops the auto-renewal of the paid subscription. Anyway, this process is as simple as this and does not demand too many actions.

Contact Information

The contact details for this application users are given below:

Company Name: Initech LLC

Country: United States of America

Address: Columbia, Ohio, USA

Zip Code + City: 44028, Columbia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/growlr/.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/growlr

Blog: The blog services are not available yet.

Customer Support E-mail: [email protected]

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